Hair Care: hits of the season


Modern star in the world hair cosmetics. This component is most similar to human hair amino acid composition. Amino acid helps to restore damaged hair structure, protects hair from breakage and cross-section, stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. As a result, resilient and strong hair! Following this trend, ESTEL has developed an exclusive service — DE LUXE Keratin, available only in beauty salons. There are three treatments at same time: permanent hair coloring, keratin restoration and colour fixation, hair lamination.

Indelible hair care

Sprays, serums and oils are indispensable tools to protect hair from the environmental pollution, to make it look healthy and to do hairstyle easier. Special attention should be paid to the argan oil, one of the most precious and valuable in the world. Argan oil, known as Golden oil, is an indispensable component in the production of ESTEL HAUTE COUTURE premium line: oil sheen spray and oil sheen Color & Shine, Blond series oil-care. The result is really magic — the brightness of the color, protection from damage, silkiness.

Color plus recovery

The Must-Have for dyed hair is a set of Color & Revive products from ESTEL HAUTE COUTURE line. Highly effective products will protect the color brilliance and restore the damaged areas of the cuticle. Cosmetics with a mild formulation are also popular. For example, non sulphate shampoos: Color & Revive (delicate) and Exclusive from ESTEL HAUTE COUTURE. They have a very low irritating potential, gently cleanse the scalp and help keep the color longer.


Blonde is always in fashion, but nowadays there is a special interest to its unique shades. Every beauty master can create an author color coctail with ESTEL HAUTE COUTURE hair colors. And the next step is to keep the intensity of these colors. It is very important to choose the right cosmetics for blonde hair. Special shampoos, masks, balms of Blond ESTEL HAUTE COUTURE series are perfect for this purpose and will provide the necessary hair care.