Main trends in hairstyles

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Large cities, the high pace of life — all this sets certain requirements for modern hairstyle.

Today there is no clear separation between the cocktail and evening style, evening hairstyle has ceased to be just a classic, giving way to a more democratic options. Images look natural, do not require a lot of time on their creation and can be performed without using the wizard. Thus, there are three key trends in hairstyles.


In town and on vacation at the time of shopping and at the party, in the workplace and in the nightclub — everywhere and always a modern woman must look stylish and must have a proper hairstyle.


Loose hair or collected, there is an easy negligence, if hair done in a hurry — this hairstyle will look very stylish.


Accentuate the texture of hair has been a leading trend for several seasons. This is a great opportunity to show the personality and add the image expression.

Expert: Andrew Pulin, Art Director ESTEL