Professionals choose ESTEL

Unicosmetic company’s story began with a small rented space and several thousand tubes of hair dyes in a month. For 14 years ESTEL Professional has become one of the strongest brands and the absolute leader in the manufacture of professional hair cosmetics in Russia and the CIS, one of the largest in Europe with its own official representative ESTEL Europe.

Today there are two ESTEL plants in St. Petersburg, which produce about 1,000 kinds of products in different price categories: hair dye, skin-care products for skin and hair, styling tools, sun creams, cosmetics for children, for men, hair accessories, paint for the eyebrows and eyelashes. There is the own research laboratory, which provides the company with a progressive position on the market. More than half of the stores in Russia, according to the latest distributors, use ESTEL cosmetics. All products are certified and comply with ESTEL international quality standards.

One of the main ideas of the company is to educate hairdressers. There are 18 training centers ESTEL in different cities of Russia and Ukraine. School and Academy of Hairdressing ESTEL in Saint-Petersburg is the most important of the centers. Here you can learn how to trade from scratch or you can improve your skills. All the students get the state diploma after graduation.

Another direction of the company management became author salons ESTEL, which fully reflect the company’s values. Good service, high-quality services and unique style of the interior — this combination will give unforgettable emotions to any customer. There are two salons and both are located in the center of Saint-Petersburg.

Every year ESTEL runs great events and competitions for artists and salons directors in order to develop the hairdressing industry in Russia. Some of these events are attended by up to a thousand people. For example, The Festival ESTEL. FEST and ESTEL Star competition.