Geometry against chaos. Hairstyles trends 2014

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Modern fashion knows no boundaries. Today it’s not necessary to get into the trend. Everyone may choose comfortable style which will reflect his or her personality.

There are two main directions in the hairstyles fashion today. On the one hand, it’s a classical style with clean lines and impeccable sense of proportion, where the geometry of shapes dominates. Balance in detail creates concise manner and simplifies its perception. On the other hand, the haircuts are made more freely. The creative process, which is entirely based on the nature of the model, is like a game without rules. However, in this case the main idea is to keep the unity of concise image.

Color solutions are designed to complement each direction profitably. In the first case it may be interesting combinations of colors according to the classical style, in the second case, it is rather innovative approaches that make the image outstanding. Styling is also on the verge of classic and avant-garde, helping to reveal the rich possibilities of hair. Hairstyles’ texture is very different — from smoothly glossy to highly textured and volumed.

Expert: Andrew Pulin, ESTEL Art Director