Hairstyles: what is fashionable now?

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Active lifestyle and popularization of all styles made the trend of democracy in fashion. Today images were born in the mixture of different cultures, blurred the lines of clear stylistic solutions.

Today hairstyles are not looking static, they are very flexible. Straight hair gave way to soft, flowing waves and curls. Dynamic texture and volume at the roots are in trend now.

Natural simple hairstyles are meant to emphasize the natural dignity of each model, while maintaining a natural look. Artistic mess is designed to create the sensual image and modern methods of hair texture will create a sense of lightness and volume.

The ideal set for creating such hairstyle may become ESTEL Always ON-LINE cosmetic line. For example, strong holding spray mousse for basal volume. Hair will be light and flexible. Mousse for creating the curls from the same cosmetic line will help to emphasize the texture.

Expert: Andrew Pulin, ESTEL Art Director