10 November 2014

ESTEL presents a new project


If you think you have plenty of loyal clients, if you are completely satisfied with your revenues and profit volume, and if you know exactly how to further expand your business, then this project is probably not for you.

The TOP SALON ESTEL project has been created for beauty salon managers who believe they can make their venture better and more successful, who wish to discover new opportunities for development, and who need just a bit of support to attain success. If this applies to you, then get ready for a total reset with ESTEL! A team of coaches made up of business trainers, personnel experts, psychologists, technologists, stylists, successful salon managers and specialists, and financial, law, and IT advisors will help you boost your business to a whole new level. But they will help, not do all the work.

Three teams of coaches will each select one salon from any of Russia’s various cities based on which salon seems to them to have the most ambitious and purposeful managers.

The coaching team can assist with:

  • Development planning
  • Personnel training
  • Improving quality of service
  • Creating a stylish interior design
  • Developing an accounting and monitoring system
  • Attracting new customers and turning them into regular clients…

          ... and lots more!

The salon presenting the maximum gains in revenue, profit, and loyal customer growth will be the winner. Applications will be accepted from October 2nd through November 15th, 2014.

In order to participate in the project, please send the below information to the following email address: topsalonestel@unicosm.ru:

  • Filled out Participant Questionnaire (Download the questionnaire by clicking on it.)
  • Photos of the hair styling creations of technicians from your salon
  • Photos of your salon (both interior and exterior)
  • Video response from the salon head: What do you expect from the project for yourself and your salon? Why should the coach team choose your salon?
  • Scans of documents verifying your professional and/or additional education, diplomas, and awards

Your further participation in the project depends on how you present your salon in the first round and the strength of your desire for a reset.

In November, we will announce which beauty salons go forward to the next round of the TOP SALON ESTEL project.

Keep up with the news at the estel.pro website and on these social networking sites: vk.com/estel_pro and facebook.com/EstelProfessional

The project’s information partner is Hair'sHow magazine