9 February 2015

ESTEL U3 Runway Fashion Show held in Luzhniki, Moscow

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On February 4 and 5, State Central Concert Hall Russia in Luzhniki hosted the Moscow premiere of the U3 (You Free) Runway Fashion Show from ESTEL within the framework of the R&G multi-media show.

The U3 collection was created by ESTEL’s art team under the guidance of Andrey Pulin, ESTEL’s Creative Director, and immediately gained attention from beauty professionals and stylists by setting the most relevant haircolor and haircut trends.  The idea behind this collection is freedom in all of its manifestations – freedom from illusory obstacles and stereotypes, creative freedom that enables us to go beyond imaginary boundaries and discover new opportunities.

ESTEL is the only industry participant who traditionally holds ambitious runway shows featuring its collections. The new program involved the participation of over 70 models. Their bold and sophisticated looks were created by 30 beauty professionals, whose work took several hours.  More than 3,000 spectators, including famous actors and TV presenters, visited the event over the two days. Actors, vocalists, dancers, beatboxers and drummers took part in the show, and dozens of tons of lighting, music and other equipment were used.  All these embodied the perfect idea of free choice and boundless love.

The fashion show was coherently interwoven with the cult love story of Romeo and Juliet, dramatized by British playwright William Shakespeare more than 400 years ago. Stage director Vitaly Saltykov directed the show.  Just like the play, the show focuses on the feud between hostile families, the Capulets and the Montegues, who personify here the infinite antagonism between classics and avant-garde, the opposition of viewpoints on love, freedom and beauty.  With the U3 collection, ESTEL’s art team has proven that these trends cannot just co-exist, but constitute an integral whole, and everyone has the right to make their own choice and demonstrate their own individuality.

The difference in the play’s new interpretation from the original version is that it has a happy ending.  The show is set in turn on two opposite catwalks, each positioned against a background of a multimedia screen measuring over 150 sq.m. Members of the two rivalling families are on both sides. Classic looks, soft silhouettes and concise inclusions of bright shades in hairstyles are characteristic of one party.  The other party features original looks, clean lines, fearless hairstyles and unpredictable color cocktails used in hair color treatments. In the end, people of various cultures, tastes and temperaments unite behind the happy couple.  The U3 collection from ESTEL’s art team makes classics and avant-garde meet and complement each other.