6 May 2015

ESTEL HAUTE COUTURE New Palette of Colors

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The ESTEL Company presents a new collection of colors - ESTEL HAUTE COUTURE 2015!

Red HF/55

Violet HF/66

Chestnut for gray hair 7/00

Dark chestnut for gray hair 6/00

Light brown for gray hair 5/00

Brown chestnut intense 7/77

Dark chestnut brown intense 6/77

Light brown intense 5/77

The ESTEL art team presents a collection of looks inspired by the ESTEL HAUTE COUTURE 2015-2016 HIGH FLASH new palette of colors.

In the new collection of looks, the ESTEL art team reveals the theme of refined expressiveness.  Each presents the spirit of contradiction, change for the better, fresh ideas and trends.

ESTEL HAUTE COUTURE 2015-2016 HIGH FLASH — a call for bold individuality.