22 July 2015


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ESTEL THERMOKERATIN is an innovative procedure that helps restore dyed and natural hair. This thoroughly thought-through procedure creates visible results that exceed the client’s expectations.

After her visit to the hairdresser, the client’s hair will look impeccably-groomed, healthy and silky.  It’s the kind of hair all women dream of, which is why this procedure guarantees the success of any hairdressing salon.

The action of the ESTEL THERMOKERATIN procedure is based on the unique composition of the mask and the warming action of the thermal activator, which helps nourish the hair with amino acids and keratin.  Under the influence of heat, the keratin penetrates the structure of the hair and the molecules of keratin help restore the damaged cuticle naturally.  This makes hair smoother, shinier and healthier.

The beautician performing the ESTEL THERMOKERATIN procedure is like a magician who creates a magical feeling of relaxation. The gentle warmth and exquisite aroma of the procedure will help the client relax and immerse herself in the SPA world.

The magical atmosphere of this procedure, which helps dreams of luxurious-looking hair come true, is the perfect excuse to visit your salon again and again.