16 January 2017

NEWTONE line of toning masks

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Perhaps this is the first step that may entice clients to choose a color service in your salon…

Clients sometimes only go to a salon for a haircut or hairdo. Maybe they never tried coloration? Or they had their hair colored, but at home? Toning masks NEWTONE help hair stylists give such clients a new opportunity to make the step into the wonderful world of professional colors!

NEWTONE provides a unique balance of toning effects and a hair care mask. The product uses the formulation with beneficial active ingredients, which maintains and gently adjust the hair color, gives depth to shades, enhances shine and brilliance and strengthens hair structure.

With NEWTONE a client's dreams can come true: An expressive fashion tone, color protection and retention, hair restoration and irresistible shine. You can't get enough of care!

The toning mask is available in the palette of 7 fashion shades and one tuning mask with the neutral tone:

  • 10/73 Platinum brown-golden blond
  • 10/45 Platinum coppery-red blond
  • 9/65 Very light violet-red blond
  • 8/76 Brown-violet light blond
  • 7/56 Red-violet blond
  • 7/44 Copper blond intensive
  • 7/75 Brown-red blond
  • 0/00 Neutral

В серию входит коллекция тонирующих масок для домашнего использования в удобном  мини формате.