16 January 2017

A story of sensations. PARFUM ESTEL 2016

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A perfume is born from emotions and evokes emotions. From the heart – and into the bottle. From the bottle – and into the heart. An everlasting cycle of the mesmerizing fragrance...

A new collection of ESTEL perfumes comprises entire worlds of sensations. To get there, just take a breath...

Creating that very fragrance requires absolute harmony of all elements – an inspiring idea, a talented perfumer and superb ingredients. The concept of PARFUM ESTEL 2016 was introduced in St. Petersburg but it took the world's best professionals for the concept to take shape.

Three perfume houses from three countries got a clear insight into ESTEL's idea about three states of love and were able to make it a reality and capture the entire variety of the deepest and most fabulous emotions in ESTEL 2016 fragrances.

The most real thing that can happen is love. It does not change the fate – it takes away yours and gives a new one in return. Nothing will ever be the same again. It is the life itself. It has a pulse. Rapid – falling in love. Racing – feeling passion. Missing beats from delight – being in love forever.