Children's creativity competition

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For the brightest of stars – for children!

Each child has a unique talent, but helping uncover it is a job for adults. The future of every child in the world is being created now. How will they turn out? We want the best! The aim of the international ESTEL STAR. CHILDREN competition is to increase children’s sense of self-confidence, unleash their incredible potential and give joy.

The competition is open to children from 3 to 12 years old. The competition has several nominations covering the world of children’s hobbies: from drawing to the design of fantastic flying machines, from composing poetry to exploring the world around them.

Young winners await recognition from spectators, children’s Little me cosmetics set and fabulous holidays in St. Petersburg!

Deadline for entries: from March 15 to June 30..

Warning! The competition period may vary. Follow news on our site.