Stop. Take a breath. Dip into fruity energy. Unleash your very own summer!

Lychee and Feijoa / Mango and Passion Fruit Cocktail Serum with Flavonoids ESTEL MOHITO

You can choose a serum scented with lychee and feijoa or mango and passion fruit, or create a unique cocktail by mixing several serums together.
A complex of fruit juices infused with flavonoids, beneficial acids, vitamins and minerals delivers an intense antioxidant effect to the hair and scalp. The serum instantly nourishes, moisturizes, supplies vitamins, and defends against adverse environmental factors and premature aging. The hair – from root to tip – will be lively, strong, silky, and airy, with an inimitable natural gloss.

Article: M/MM60; M/LF60
Volume: 60 ml
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