For preserving and replenishing the inner resources of your face’s skin. For making every woman realize what kind of power and beauty lies locked within her genes

GENEVIE Lifting Expert SPF 20 Daily Photoprotection Fluid for mature face and neck skin

Used daily, our specially-formulated fluid protects against the harmful effects of UV and IR radiation and the high-frequency blue light from phones and computer screens. Reinforces your skin’s natural immune systems, protects against digital aging, and targets skin on the neck and face making it smooth and evenly-shaped. Contains next-generation UV filters; hyaluronic acid spheres; enzymes from deep-ocean algae; ceramide & lipid concentrate; natural shea butter; rice & coconut oil. Also includes skin-penetrating water molecules that saturate the skin and continue moisturizing for over 24 hours. Can be used daily. 

Article: G/FLE/50
Volume: 50 ml
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