For preserving and replenishing the inner resources of your face’s skin. For making every woman realize what kind of power and beauty lies locked within her genes

Perfector serum ESTEL GENEVIE Eye Expert

Keeps the skin around the eyes young. Emphasizes the beauty of the look. Gives time for new feelings! A new unique product in capsule format is designed to preserve the youth of the skin around the eyes. The combination of active ingredients in the formula-double peptides, microparticles of hyaluronic acid and others-provides an instant and long-lasting visual effect. Regular use of serum-Perfector GENEVIE Eye Expert gives the skin elasticity, firmness and healthy glow, reduces wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new, allows you to forget about the traces of fatigue and stress. The skin around the eyes is in excellent condition: smooth, fresh, delicate and as if glowing from the inside.

Article: G/SP/35
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