Hairdressing competition

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Become the best of the best!

Create a unique image. Present it to a room full of spectators. Feel the emotion. Feel like a real star!

ESTEL STAR international competition has given its participants incomparable sensations for 10 years, and most importantly, makes it possible to go even higher and further. Hone skills, reach a higher level, and get the recognition of beauty industry professionals and clients!

2014 – More than 700 applications, 2015 – 900, 2016 – 1000... Participants came from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Estonia... New trends, a new generation of artists, and new boldness. Exclusive rewards, unique opportunities, and true emotions.

To participate in the competition, the following are invited:

  • Professional hairdressers

  • Students of educational institutions

  • Creative teams of hair stylists and makeup artists

Deadline for entries: from April 12 to Jily 25.

Warning! The competition period may vary. Follow news on our site.