COLORPARFUME. Add your favorite perfume to this dye

ESTELLER basic palette

The shades of the ESTELLER basic palette are designed for permanent coloring, color refresh, coloring of grey hair, and the creation of stylish color cocktails.

ESTELLER delivers a holographic color with iridescent characteristics that gives hair a one-of-a-kind shiny texture and an amazing glam aroma*. Repairs damaged areas of the hair and protects from further damage.

Our specially-formulated dye contains a cationic complex (composed of 8 useful natural lipids: almond oil, cottonseed oil, avocado oil, soybean oil, mango seed oil, olive oil, crambe oil, and cocoa butter) and a spherical liposomal complex (contains the penetrating dye molecules that release pigment and nourish the hair)

Allows for application of color while caring for, and styling the hair.

* When one or two perfumes from the ESTELLER collection are added to the dye.

Volume: 60 ml
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