ESTEL and Associations-2023 at Tsarskoye Selo


The Associations show has been taken place in the Catherine Park of Tsarskoye Selo for thirteen years. This exhibition brings together thousands of spectators who can immerse in the unique atmosphere owing to images, music and decorations. This year, the Associations show gave designers the opportunity to dream on the topic of Crown Prince Nikolay Aleksandrovich, future Emperor Nikolay II, to the eastern countries such as Egypt, India, Siam and China. A team of ESTEL stylists has worked on the show backstage creating hairstyles for famous fashion designers’ collections.

Incredible decorations selected by Victor Kramer, a director, played a significant role in immersion of the atmosphere of the East. An enormous and colorful scarab beetle associated with Egyptian culture was in the center of the mini-performance devoted to the collection by Lilia Kiselenko. Mirror ponds of the Catherine Park have drawn attention to the show of Ekaterina Matlina and the way she sees travelling to mysterious Siam The multifaceted greatness of China could be perceived through tender pastel images with traditional embroidery created by Tatiana Parfenova.

Stat Lopatkin, a designer from St. Petersburg, has shared his Indian insights with Said Collection. ESTEL stylists, including representatives of ESTEL Academy Oksana Solovyova and Nikita Kavlakan, supplemented the costumes and completed the images with Indian hairstyles. Particular attention was paid to traditional textures and elements – such as braids, dreadlocks, middle-parted hair and commitment to naturalness – which are still used in Indian hairstyles now.  

The mysterious and magnificent Catherine Palace was the activity culmination place. Incredible oriental pieces of jewelry resonated with gold interior of the palace. Bright images of designers supplemented with harmonic hairstyles made it possible to have a fresh look at the history and incredible character of oriental countries.