ESTEL and “Russian Silhouette”


Creativity uniting peoples and generations. Inspiration reflected in costumes and images. A place steeped in art history. As part of the 45th Moscow International Film Festival, a fashion evening of the Russian Silhouette Charitable Foundation was held at the Sobranie Museum.

On the carpet in the center of the hall, surrounded by luxurious costumes displayed as an installation, Tatiana Mikhalkova gives an interview: “Our evening has become a good tradition. It’s a celebration of spring, fashion, design and cinema. Cinema is a complicated process, involving a great number of people, but the costume designers are always out of the frame, so today, we have decided to show them close-up.

ESTEL stylists, together with the fashion designers, worked on the hairstyles from the early morning so that the guests of the evening – actors, directors, artists and musicians – can enjoy a variety of looks. Classic ponytails, airy curls and natural buns are a unique style created for each costume. 

The show is opened by the young designers whose collections won the competition – Aleksandra Bologova, Pavel Kozin and Alina Kuznetsova. The collection from the famous St. Petersburg fashion designer Tatyana Kotegova is memorable for the guests, with its laconic images in the signature black color. Models include singer Zara, actresses Yana Kraynova, Anna Banshchikova, and others. The FIRDAWS fashion house will present a unique symbiosis of Chechen cultural traditions and high fashion to complete the show. The collections will be presented by theater and cinema actors Miroslava Karpovich, Evgeniya Yarushnikova, Kuzma Saprykin and others. 

With the combination of traditions and high fashion, luxurious images and exquisite atmosphere, “Russian Silhouette” always combines a fashion show and celebration of creativity, uniting people from different spheres of art.