What can the energy of thousands of hearts do? Light up the sun. Start the inspiration process. Make the world warmer and brighter… 

St. Petersburg, the hometown of ESTEL, welcomed the guests to ESTEL.FEST 2022 with beautiful clear skies. The sun, the main symbol of the festival, accompanied the participants on all days…

Sun as a synonym for happiness. As a sign of aspiration. As a manifestation of something beyond, yet at the same time close. On the one hand, the endless cosmos, and on the other hand, life itself that goes on here on earth, in every city, in every family, and in every beauty salon. Everywhere.

The mood of ESTEL.FEST 2022 was reflected in the feature film Happiness, which premiered in Aurora, one of the most atmospheric and oldest cinemas of St. Petersburg. Three heroines, three destinies, so different, and yet the same happiness for all. In the film, each viewer could find answers to some important questions and feel at home. The beauty salon shown on the screen is called “Happiness” for a reason. Hairdressing is one of the happiest professions, and this thesis was repeatedly confirmed at the festival.

Tears of happiness—during the awards ceremony ESTEL Stars, TOP SALON ESTEL, ESTEL VIDEO AWARDS and Teacher prize. The happiness of meetings, getting to know each other, and communicating and being together. Happy shining eyes—when the stage unfolded with a fantastic show of bright video installations, artists’ performances, and of course, images from the ESTEL art team.

The presentation of the new ESTEL Trend Collection was traditionally held in performance format, where the philosophical meaning and aesthetic form were in absolute harmony. That evening, the “Sun” lit up the stage. About the spark of creativity, about overcoming difficulties, and about family. And, of course, about happiness. What is it about? Perhaps it’s about bringing benefit and increasing goodness. And how do you do that? With the talent that given to each of us—like a part of the sun, which can and should be shared… The show told many stories, and each spectator was able to get the light emotions they needed.

ESTEL.FEST: light up the sun and hearts.