ESTEL PROSALON is a conceptual school that provides training in successful beauty business management. The theoretical and hands-on knowledge it shares can be put into practice right after completing your studies to bring in transformative changes.

The training will show you how to:
• See your position as it really stands
• Understand and gain command of useful hands-on tools
• Analyze and make smart decisions
• Create results with pleasure and financial success

The training is for those who seek to:
• Develop advanced managerial skills
• Do your thing and grow your beauty business without burning out
• Keep emotions under control and manage your team
• Understand how to combine creativity and numbers with ease

The training will empower independent stylists, salon owners
and managers who:
• Start their own business
• Are tired of looking for solutions
• Have plans to open their own beauty salon
• Aim for greater success

The training features a comprehensive set of in-person (3 days) and virtual (8 weeks) engagement. In assisted groups of 10–12 people to implement new knowledge and practical skills.

In-person training schedule for St. Petersburg:
• January 25–27, 2023
• February 26–28, 2023
• March 19–21, 2023