ESTEL Studio Birthday Party in Minsk


It had charming violin music, fresh flowers, and warm smiles. Does that not sound like the perfect romantic evening? To some extent, it was, because our profession is so romantic! Today, we are sharing a happy moment: we are telling you about the birthday party of ESTEL Studio in Minsk.

For the first anniversary, the team organized a bright party for the guests, to inspire them for new achievements and charge them with positive emotions. We invited stylists from PREMIER salons, technologists, studio staff, and the beauty masters who have become part of the team over the year.

The guests included Lyudmila Brazgovka, a truly iconic person who has taught many outstanding hairdressers and stylists, and Larisa Saikova, a top stylist and ESTEL instructor with many years of professional experience.

The day will be best remembered for the friendly networking, sense of unity, compelling DJ set, and theme contests dedicated to ESTEL products.

Warm smiles and cordial wishes, master classes, and a memorable caricature as a gift — the ESTEL Studio birthday party in Minsk offered both the hosts and guests bright and long-lasting emotions.

Address of the studio: 8 Petra Mstislavtza Street, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Telephone: +8 (017) 361-22-40

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