“Mama” is our first word. And every little girl’s first friend is her mother.

The participants of our project are different, from their personalities to their hair color. But they still have a lot in common. It’s something difficult to describe, but very important:

the look in their eyes, their inner light and their love. A lot ties them together: family traditions, happy memories, and even secret beauty tips. Mom’s cosmetics, her jewelry and her high heels, they all open the door to mesmerizing magical world of femininity. It’s mothers who teach girls how to be beautiful, but, more importantly, they give girls confidence in who they are. “You’re the prettiest, the smartest, the most talented.” Our mothers’ support given to us in our childhood serves us for our entire lives. Because every little girl needs love, care and a sense of her own femininity, no matter her age.

The DOCHKI-MATERI (DAUGHTERS-MOTHERS) project is meant to strengthen intergenerational connections. And to remind all the little girls in the world how much they resemble their mothers. To show them that beauty has nothing to do with age.