Femininity moves freely through the years. Through the generations. A mother’s beauty is reflected in her daughter’s, and vice versa.

The ESTEL stylists who worked on this project remind us of intergenerational connections using images. A new hair color isn’t just a new look. It’s the warm feeling we have when we transform ourselves, and when we see our loved ones in a new light. Mother-daughter trips to the beauty salon aren’t a frequent occurrence, so these moments are all the more precious. Children’s words are all the more meaningful, but we seem to hear them less and less over the years. The same words that we heard during the filming: “Mommy, you’re so beautiful!”

The DOCHKI-MATERI (DAUGHTERS-MOTHERS) project is meant to strengthen intergenerational connections. And to remind all the little girls in the world how much they resemble their mothers. To show them that beauty has nothing to do with age.