Meet COUTURE LAB, a beauty salon game.

Now stylists can easily create THEIR OWN shampoos, masks and treatments, enjoy their craft and effortlessly make clients’ dreams come true.

What properties will the product have? What’s its superpower? Or are there more than one? Only the stylist and client can decide!

COUTURE LAB is a game you can win countless times. By offering their clients personalized treatments, stylists affirm their uniqueness and identity, strengthen their connection and break out of usual routines. And clients’ hair gets exactly what it needs: suppleness, shine, strength, improved growth and protection, individually or all at once.


COUTURE LAB can be played in many different ways. For example, a stylist can:

  1. Create a personalized synergy shampoo by mixing shampoo base with one to three active boosters.
  2. Create a personalized synergy mask by mixing mask base with one to three active boosters. The stylist can even make a mini mask for the client to try out at home to go the extra mile.
  3. Create a comprehensive treatment using both the synergy shampoo and the synergy mask.

How does it work? Combining boosters with basic treatments activates micronutrients. Mixing ingredients creates an entirely new, super effective synergy product.


The beauty game collection includes:

Cleansing and scalp care products

SHAMPOO BASE – foundation for boosters

EXTRACARE BOOSTER – intense hair and scalp care

PREBIOTIC BOOSTER – gentle cleansing with hair and scalp protection

MULTIVITAMIN BOOSTER – hair and scalp strengthening and vitamin treatment


Intense hair care products

BASIC MASK – foundation for boosters

HYDRATION BOOSTER – extreme hydration

RECOVERY BOOSTER – extreme recovery

GLOSS BOOSTER – extreme shine