ANTI-YELLOW balm-shades


A clear system. An easy-to-understand product range. Flawless results. Meet a new ANTI-YELLOW collection – Lipo-based shading balms to neutralize unwanted shades. 

Owing to a specialized mixing technology of valuable oils and vegetable waxes, the balm has an ideal homogeneity of texture, resulting in a more homogenous application and distribution of caring agents and pigments within the cortex.

Highly pigmented balms are used to obtain the needed blond shade:

The main feature of the ANTI-YELLOW collection is an effective neutralization of the unwanted nuances to create a perfect cold blond. The ANTI-YELLOW products open up new horizons for a stylist:

  • 7 shining coloring shades
  • Precise result
  • Possibility to enhance cold shades
  • Correction to the lightening base
  • Highly resistant cold nuance
  • Extra protection and relaxing effect for the scalp
  • Hair natural suppleness and pearly shine

Solve any coloring tasks. Create the supremely gorgeous blond! Here and now with ANTI-YELLOW ESTEL.