CUREX: Water Balance and Pure Color


Long-awaited new additions to the CUREX collection include the CUREX BALANCE hair moisturizing line, Water Balance, and the COLOR INTENSE color renewal line for color-treated hear, Pure Color.

CUREX BALANCE products contain hyaluronic acid, cucumber juice and aloe vera, which help maintain an ideal moisture balance and give hair density, suppleness and natural gloss.

CUREX COLOR INTENSE products contain vitamin complexes and special pigments that deepen and renew hair color. These lines include shampoos and conditioners for cool and warm blond colors, honey and chocolate shades, as well as sulfate-free shampoo for light-colored hair.

Deep moisturizing and preserving shade in colored hair are always priorities, but they are particularly important in spring and summer, when hair feels the effects of heat and ultraviolet rays. CUREX BALANCE seals in water and prevents evaporation, ensuring healthy hair, and CUREX COLOR INTENSE refreshes and enhances your shade.