EST ELLE MARINE Fragrance Companions


A gentle wave of fragrance takes you to the endless ocean of feelings. The exclusive collection of EST ELLE MARINE Fragrance Companions celebrates self-care accompanied by a captivating scent that you want to smell infinitely. Its olfactory pyramid embodies the happiness of the moment. Solar energy of passionfruit and peach. Delicate notes of jasmine and peony. The vivid power of musk and cedar. The EST ELLE MARINE fragrance is made to bring up the most incredible treasures from the bottom of your soul.
Companions for hair and skin based on sea collagen, cystoseira algae and pearl extract will provide maximum moisturizing and nourishment, and the exciting aroma will immerse you into bright emotions.

The collection includes:
• EST ELLE MARINE Aqua Hair Shampoo
• EST ELLE MARINE Alga Hair Balm
• EST ELLE MARINE Perfume Veil for Hair
• EST ELLE MARINE Mineral Deodorant for Body
• EST ELLE MARINE Relax Foaming Bath Salt
• EST ELLE MARINE Scrub Shower Gel
• EST ELLE MARINE Silk Body Milk

“You conquer the waves and dive in the deep while I guard the ocean...” EST ELLE MARINE