Introducing ESTEL BROWIE – the tools you need to achieve a perfect brow shape and color. 6 long-lasting direct pigments with a permanent tattoo effect, cleansing and care products, a styling gel, and a nourishing formula for eyebrows and lashes’ active growth. All you need in one set.

With a thought-out matrix and modern formulas powered by natural ingredients, ESTEL BROWIE meets the most essential needs and helps brow stylists find personalized solutions. Now they can definitely expect a safe, effective and beautiful result.

  • Long-lasting and intense color
  • Coloring and tattooing with one product
  • Growth of dense and thick hairs
  • Restoration of overplucked patches
  • Any style, from smooth to textured
  • Discipline of coarse and unruly hairs
  • Lash care
  • Lotus extract, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, pink clay, and other natural ingredients for healthy and beautiful brows

The story of perfect brows starts with ESTEL BROWIE.