Three types of life-giving collagen. Triple hair regeneration. Less than three minutes for luxurious results!

All this is a new treatment from ESTEL HAUTE COUTURE: COLLAGEN LUXURY.

Deep hair repair may take just a couple of minutes. How is this possible? By using natural and life-giving collagen, which is called the protein of youth.

The LUXURY COLLAGEN COUTURE formula is based on natural collagen of different molecular weight. As a result, the treatment provides triple action hair repair, extra moisturizing, color retention and pure radiance of beauty. Full regeneration of the hair: from filling the hollows in the hair structure to the hair surface smoothing.

COLLAGEN LUXURY may be called a real hair collagenoplasty for its powerful and long-lasting effect. Just like non-invasive plastic surgery in cosmetology, this ESTEL treatment allows you to correct changes caused by aggressive environmental impact, stress and other adverse factors. Hair becomes dense, silky, smooth, supple, manageable and glossy. At-home products – collagen shampoo and balm – will help to maximize the effect of the treatment.

LUXURY COLLAGEN COUTURE has been created to quickly restore hair and make it look splendid.

Easy. Great. Couture.