Meet the ESTEL MOHITO greatest hits with all of our top products!

Fresh, fruity and unbelievably effective, ESTEL MOHITO is back to fill you with freedom and summery energy.

They’ve arrived: refreshing mint shampoo, nourishing serum with strawberry, mango, lychee and feijoa, spray-on sunscreen with green tea extract, and pineapple shower gel. Express-effect of vitamins, flavonoids, enchanting aromas and a rush of endorphins for light, buoyant, strong hair.

ESTEL MOHITO is a flavonoid energy treatment and home hair care routine for a long-lasting salon-fresh look. ESTEL MOHITO’s most popular products are grouped in seven HIT collections, so you have seven different gift options to celebrate the summer with your loved ones!

Find our what your hair can look like AFTER IT’S HAD A MOJITO :)