Strong, thick, and glossy hair can be achieved easily and quickly, if you start from the scalp. And gentle cleansing, deep moisturizing, and protection are at the heart of its comprehensive care.  

ESTEL MORE Therapy includes 3 customized express programs for scalp and hair to meet the most essential needs:

  • RELAX EFFECT with red clay comforts sensitive scalp, strengthens the hair, and activates its growth.
  • SEBO-CONTROL with yellow clay removes excess sebum and dandruff from the scalp and hair, provides long-term freshness, and makes the hair denser and stronger.
  • AQUABALANCE with green clay ensures deep and long-term moisturizing of the scalp and hair, helping the latter stay supple, resilient, and glossy for a long time.

The sea therapy products are based on natural coastal and underwater ingredients, such as red, yellow, and green clays, precious algae, and sea minerals. With instant action and high efficiency, ESTEL MORE Therapy programs meet the needs of the hair and scalp as fast as possible. Just in 10 minutes, you’ll already feel the full power of MORE.

ESTEL MORE Therapy treats the scalp and hair as a single ecosystem and therefore solves several global concerns at a time. The scalp is healthy, breathing, and renewed. The hair is thick, strong, and glossy.

Welcome to MORE by ESTEL!