New perspectives: ESTEL cosmetology


ESTEL are launching a new professional facial care collection, created for cosmetologists.

For over 20 years we have been caring for women and asking ourselves every day: what do they need right now? How can we help? How can we make them happy? Year after year we create high-quality and advanced products for hair and skin that bring positive emotions and opportunities for experts’ professional growth. Today is the time to take another step forward.

Revealing the ESTEL GENEVIE PRO collection, we are launching our first cosmetology line. ESTEL professional skin care products are designed to solve a wide range of tasks for a cosmetologist and a client: from anti-age to deep cleansing, from lifting to cellular repair.

Highly effective ingredients, ease of use and excellent compatibility – this is how we conceived our cosmetology collection.

This is how we actually managed to bring it to life.

Welcome to ESTEL’s world of gentle beauty care!