Introducing reHAIR ESTEL, a new direction for hair preservation and growth. 

The ESTEL Laboratory has created an anti hair loss program with 4 actions: it stops the hair loss, stimulates growth, makes the hair dense and strong, as well as restores the scalp’s healthy microbiome.

The reHAIR ESTEL program features products based on powerful ingredients and modern technologies. Full regeneration and renewal of the hair’s natural beauty reflects in density, strength, natural growth, and no premature loss. The products are proven to be effective and work equally well against different types of alopecia, from seasonal and reactive to post-COVID and stress-induced. Thanks to intense action on the scalp and follicles, reHAIR ESTEL provides visible results after only 4 weeks of application.

The program includes:

reHAIR ESTEL – a solution for effective hair preservation and stable growth.