Meet DEMI-PERMANENT, powered with the secret GLOSS MOLECULE and the ultra-care COLLARONIC complex with collagen and hyaluronic acid!

SENSATION ESTEL is high-tech color cream that combines the best of demi-permanent and a care beauty treatment. You will see a sensational transformation of hair into a glossy canvas of the very shade that makes your eyes burn like stars.

Perfect color, intense shine, luxurious hair are the three rules of SENSATION. And there are no exceptions here because our demi-permanent:  

  • Is 100% compatible with ESTELLER and DE LUXE colors
  • Does not affect the natural base
  • Is ammonia-free
  • Contains collagen and hyaluronic acid
  • Has an impressive palette Comprised of 89 shiny shades
  • Is great for trendy coloring techniques
  • Provides hair glazing

SENSATION is designed to enjoy the power over color.