Uncompromising blond


Discover even more opportunity for creating ideal blond. Efficiency. Care. Results. Qualities united in the ESTEL ANTI-YELLOW collection.

Two new hair powders for bleaching up to 6-8 shades guarantee precise results. The main feature of the ANTI-YELLOW collection is the effective neutralization of the yellow nuance to create a perfect cold blond. The EPLEX molecule-enhanced formulation ensures high hair quality after bleaching.

ANTI-YELLOW powder with lightening up to 6 shades for control of light hair:

  • Low pH
  • Well manageable and delicate process without overdrying
  • Recommended for safe and easy color out

ANTI-YELLOW INTENSE powder with lightening up to 8 shades for work with dark hair:

  • Ultramarine neutralization system for gentle action
  • Effective result of bleaching naturally dark or colored hair

Recommended for all lightening techniques and types of lightenin