Be who you want to be. Go beyond the ordinary. We have expanded the palette of XTRO pigments for unlimited freedom of choice. Today, XTRO is:

  • 24 pigments with direct action
  • 5 cutting-edge trendy shades for 2023
  • 3 luminescent colors
  • Full freedom and endless possibilities for experiments 

Delicate lavender, cool mint, or maybe Candy Pink Electro, Mimosa Electro, or Lime Electro, which glow in the dark? With the new XTRO FUSION pigments, you can change reality in a snap and set trends. This is because XTRO is more than just pigments:

  • The ability to mix colors to create unique shades
  • Convenient and efficient application and distribution on the hair
  • Color intensity regulation and control, because it's up to you to decide
  • Extreme resistance, or the ability to change color in a snap
  • A complex with fruit acids that adds gloss and suppleness to the hair, deeply moisturizes, and contributes to the repair of hair structure

Cool or delicate, or maybe everything, everywhere, all at once — only you can decide what your color will be.