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Kids’ Bath Foam LITTLE ME

Like adults, kids like taking foamy baths. Pamper your child with exceptional care, gentle and enjoyable conditioning, and amazing opportunities to play during bath time, by shaping the dense, cloud-like foam into beards and wigs, castles and ships.
The soft, fragrant bath foam contains aloe vera and the BioEcolia®* oligosaccharide, which gives it subtle relaxing properties and helps gently cleanse and hydrate the skin, bolstering its natural protection.
*BioEcolia® is a registered trademark of Solabia.


Article: LM/F/U/200; LM/F/U/500
Volume: 200 ml
Careful cleansing, moisturizing, improvement of protective skin functions and pleasant relaxation.
Pour a small amount into the bath, lather under the tap, rinse the child’s body with water after bathing. Recommended for children over 3.
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