COLLAGEN LUXURY — hair repair treatment with the use of three types of collagen.*

  • MACROMOLECULES of collagen create a hydrofixing layer, which retains moisture for a long time and protects the hair from aggressive environmental impact.
  • MEDIUM MOLECULES even out the hair surface efficiently.
  • SMALL MOLECULES fill gaps in the hair structure rapidly.

Due to collagen properties, the full hair reconstruction, from the shaft to the cuticle, takes just 1–3 minutes. The treatment makes hair strong and supple, smooth and shiny, dense and vibrant, moisturized and protected. In a word, luxurious.

* Collagen is the structural protein that has an effect on the condition of human skin, nails and hair. Moisture content, tone and elasticity – all these and many other aspects depend on the level of collagen. Since the protein is natural for our body, molecules incorporate rapidly. Collagen actively impacts the hair, thanks to which it gains vitality, elasticity, gloss and resistance.

Article: C/K/NP
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